Under The Covers – Vol. 5

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How to filter through the barrage of information, indicators and fundamentals?

First, take a step back and review your personal or business objectives. Review the end goals and the return required to achieve your financial plan, then set realistic expectations of how much risk or losses are possible if not probable to achieve your long-term returns. If you are unable to uncover these critical factors, then seek a professionals guidance. Unless you require a zero rate of return your portfolio needs to take risk, but only take the appropriate amount. Don’t get caught up in emotional investing, it has destroyed many a fortunes in years past.

Second step, decide on a strategy and discipline that will accomplish your long-term plan. Be smart! If you don’t have the talent, skill, expertise, or time, then seek professional help. Interview as many advisers as it takes. Make sure you agree with their philosophy and they can prove what strategies and disciplines they are employing. Is it their talents or a firms? How vested are they with their recommendations? What credentials separate them from the competition?

Now that you know what and through whom you must have a realistic monitoring plan. Again, long-term management, not micro management. Decide how you want to be further informed, educated and serviced. Great relationships take both parties agreeing and executing on the same page of objectives and realities.

As for Trend Portfolios, we exist to provide an exact philosophy, strategies and disciplines to exhibit superior returns both in up and down markets as well as in long-term upside performance and downside protection. You decide how much of your investable assets are appropriate to follow our investment models. Remember long-term and serious investors are both standards for being apart of our world.

Until the next time we look under the covers!

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