Under The Covers

Under The Covers – Vol. 6

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Who would have thought the world of central banks would print their way into hope and prosperity? Perhaps politicians, but even they can see the future ramifications. Without a doubt the world of consumers do not want to go through austerity in any form. The umbrella of austerity is ugly and grim to say the least: less pay, fewer jobs, reduced benefits, fewer services including policeman, fireman, parks and recreation, higher taxes and fees, longer lines with fewer people doing two plus times their normal work, the overall diminishing of attitudes, opportunities and success. The downtrodden of a society, a community or even a standard of life. Why are we pointing out the...

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Under The Covers – Vol. 5

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How to filter through the barrage of information, indicators and fundamentals? First, take a step back and review your personal or business objectives. Review the end goals and the return required to achieve your financial plan, then set realistic expectations of how much risk or losses are possible if not probable to achieve your long-term returns. If you are unable to uncover these critical factors, then seek a professionals guidance. Unless you require a zero rate of return your portfolio needs to take risk, but only take the appropriate amount. Don’t get caught up in emotional investing, it has destroyed many a fortunes in years past. Second step, decide on a...

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Under the Covers – Vol. 4

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An addict by definition (Merriam-Webster); to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively. So would any rationale person give an alcoholic a drink, or a drug addict their drug, or a gambler a trip to Vegas, or a drowning person a drink of water? I know this sounds absurd, however isn’t this exactly what cities, states and governments around the world are doing? In the United States, our National Debt has already accumulated to over 15.1 trillion dollars. That doesn’t include the nearly $7 trillion of obligations from our governments bailout of Freddie and Fannie, or our obligations for underfunded public pensions, medicare, and others. The...

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Under The Covers – Vol. 3

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In the world of investing who is in your corner, sheep or wolves? Or wolves in sheep’s clothing? The long standing tradition of having someone or multiple people orchestrating your financial game plan is essential. Even if you are doing it yourself, investors still need to go between people and institutions. The industry has been very creative in what they call a stock broker. In the old days stock broker was most common, as the industry saw greater opportunities the title became more sophisticated. Stock broker became an account executive, to registered representative, to financial consultant, to financial advisor, to financial planner, to wealth manager, to private...

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Under The Covers – Vol. 2

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The age of information is upon us! Information moved so slowly for decades it was relatively easy as a professional to keep up with the times, then technology went on an exponential explosion for the past 25 years. Global information became instant and hoards of data from every corner of the world found its way to our everyday way of communicating. Within the world of finance the media found their place for all investor types to become informed. At least that is the perception they want you to believe. Do they really care about your individual success or their own? Ponder that for a few seconds! But how do they do it? The media is brilliant! They discovered how to create...

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Under The Covers – Vol. 1

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The aesthetics of the financial services industry appear glamorous, powerful and entrenched with money and greed; however they are also coupled with fear and losses. The few, the elite, the ones in the know will guide all investors to the promise land of milk and honey. Shouldn’t they? Instead the universe of asset managers has a self fulfilling agenda. I’m sure they have noble and righteous intentions, so how are some of the world’s finest recommending investments while betting against the success of those same instruments at the same time? Just read what Goldman Sachs, Citi, Morgan Stanley and others were doing in 2007 and 2008. View the documentary the...

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