There is no perfect model.

  • There will be trades you lose money.
  • % of positive trades, % of negative trades
  • There will be quarters that you lose money.
  • # of positive quarters, # of negative quarters

Anything worth its salt needs work and time to develop.  We have done the hard work for our investors, now our investors just need to implement with discipline.

Our investment strategy has some key ingredients that make for a successful investor:

  1. It is objective.  Emotion is an investor’s biggest enemy.  This model, if followed, will remove emotion.
  2. It is a defined strategy.  It has rules on how and when to buy and sell.  There is no room for interpretation, model says sell you sell, model says buy you buy.  By removing subjective factors an investor will inherently increase their odds of success.
  3. It is diversified.  Diversification is not typically a performance enhancer in the short term but a risk reducer.  Our portfolio is global in scope and takes advantage of trends around the world.


Patience is rewarded.  The long term track record of the portfolio speaks for itself.









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